Name: Nate Kern
From: Forest Row
Country: England- GBR

Home: Breckenridge, COLARADO

Height: 5’8″ (172cm)
Weight: 68Kg (149lbs)

Stance: 24” Wide
Front +18 Back -12

Sponsors: Adidas Eyewear, Breckenridge Resort, Burton Snowboards, Drop, Forcefield Body Armour, Mojo Future Tech, BawBags & Aerial 7.

From a young age I have been really into sport from football (soccer) and basketball, then jumping into Skateboarding and Wakeboarding. Next I heard about snowboarding, I had to try it.

Headed out to the States and that was it.  Found a passion and since then have loved the journey it’s taken me on. From growing up in the beautiful and rainy Southern England countryside to now being based in Breckenridge inside the incredible rocky mountains of Colorado. I get to travel all round the globe training, filming and competing, which is awesome fun. Just recently getting involved with the British Snowboard Team whom I hope to work more closely with to build up for hopes in 2014 Olympics Russia. I aim to keep improving and riding with the best guys and girls out there and promoting the brands I ride for.

Life is great and I am so happy and grateful for all the friends and memories that have come along the way Snowboarding. I have great sponsors who have supported me along the way and much thanks goes to them for helping me get to where I am today.

Favorite Things:


Cars: Subaru RB5- Audi R8

Food: Chinese/Sushi

Drink: Water- Peroni wit slice of lemon.

Music: T.I.- Tiesto

Skater: Danny Way- Chas Ortiz

Animal: Husky/Wolf

Film: Last Of The Mohicans

Snow Film: True Life/The Storming

Rider: Travis Rice- Torstein Horgmo- Travis Pastrana

Motto: Do Your Best Forget The Rest- CanI

When not Riding: Skateboarding, Hiking, Mtn Biking, Golfing, Movies, Chocolate, Trail Mix and Friends.

Soul Sports

Thanks: My Girl Tanya for the Love, Mum & Dad endless support, Seb and Mel always there for me. All the friends, Floyd, Adam, Del, Az, Woodsy, Memo, Max, Justin, Kevin, RC, Chach, Connor, Micah & At Once Productions, Simon, Taylor, Kyle, Jenny, Jamie, BC Surf & Sport, Wyley, Scottie and many more you know who you are. Hamish GB Coach, DC Shoes- James S, Ed M, Fran L, Pippa, Nick O & you guys rock thanks for all the support. Floyd and the Me.Glad Family. Smith Optics-Jp and Cory. Drop-Mer and Chris. BawBags-Midge. Breckenridge Resort- Austyn, Kristen & Amy. Forcefield Armour-Nick & Stuart, Aerial 7- Roman, Shannon and Cory. Mojo- Ed & Simon. Nik Coultas for all the support with my site. Appreciate all of you who have been there along the way, thanks for helping me get to where I am at today and to the future.

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